Leverage OEM Inventory to Improve Your App Marketing

Leverage OEM Inventory to Improve Your App Marketing

Deviceboost Team | May 16, 2023

In the ever-evolving world of mobile applications, standing out and gaining visibility among the sea of competitors is crucial. With millions of apps available for download, app discovery and mobile marketing have become significant challenges for developers and marketers alike. However, in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, a unique opportunity has emerged to boost app visibility and engage with a highly targeted audience‚ÄĒleveraging OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) inventory.

What is OEM Inventory?

OEM inventory refers to the pre-installed apps that come pre-loaded on smartphones and tablets by device manufacturers. These apps are often native to the operating system and are shipped with the device itself. In MENA, where smartphone penetration is rapidly growing, OEM inventory has become a valuable resource for reaching potential users right from the moment they start using their new devices.

App Discovery in MENA: The Challenge

MENA has witnessed a tremendous surge in smartphone adoption over the past decade, making it a promising market for app developers. However, the region's diverse demographics, languages, and cultural nuances present unique challenges when it comes to app discovery and user acquisition.

With various app marketplaces and platforms, competition is fierce. Moreover, the region's consumers have distinct preferences and habits when it comes to app usage. This necessitates innovative strategies to break through the noise and connect with users who are most likely to engage with and retain the app.

The Power of Leveraging OEM Inventory

Leveraging OEM inventory allows app developers and marketers to tap into the vast user base of pre-installed apps, delivering their offerings directly to users' devices. By aligning their app with the user's experience right from the beginning, developers can significantly improve app visibility, awareness, and engagement.

Brands that Leveraged OEM Inventory

Numerous brands in the MENA region have already recognized the potential of OEM inventory and successfully integrated it into their app marketing strategies.

E-commerce Apps

Souq, the largest online retail platform in the Middle East, partnered with device manufacturers to have their app pre-installed on smartphones. This allowed them to reach a broader audience, increase user acquisition, and boost sales.

Noon, a popular e-commerce marketplace in the region, utilized OEM advertising to have their app pre-installed on devices. This strategic partnership helped them establish a strong presence in the market and improve app visibility among potential customers.

Ride-Hailing Apps

Careem, a leading ride-hailing service in the MENA region, collaborated with device manufacturers to pre-install their app on smartphones. By leveraging OEM advertising, they expanded their user base, gained a competitive advantage, and strengthened their market position.

Uber, a global ride-hailing platform, also capitalized on OEM advertising in MENA. By partnering with device manufacturers, they secured pre-installation agreements, allowing their app to be readily available to users as soon as they activate their new devices.

Financial Services Apps

Emirates NBD, a prominent bank in the UAE, leveraged OEM advertising to have their banking app pre-installed on smartphones. This strategy simplified the onboarding process for customers and increased the adoption of their digital banking services.

PayBy, a mobile payment and digital wallet platform, collaborated with device manufacturers to integrate their app into the OEM inventory. By doing so, they facilitated convenient and secure mobile payments for users, enhancing the overall financial experience.

Benefits of OEM Advertising

Enhanced Visibility: By being pre-installed on devices, your app gains instant visibility and exposure to a wider audience.

Increased User Acquisition: OEM inventory enables you to reach potential users who may not actively search for new apps, leading to higher acquisition rates.

Improved User Experience: Aligning your app with the device's native apps enhances the overall user experience, increasing the likelihood of app engagement and retention.

Best Practices to Leverage OEM Advertising

Choose Strategic Partnerships

Collaborate with device manufacturers that have a significant market share in the MENA region and align with your target audience. Research and select partners whose devices are popular among your target users to maximize the reach and impact of your app.

Customize the Pre-Installation Experience

Work closely with the device manufacturer to ensure that your app is integrated seamlessly into the device's ecosystem. Customize the app's appearance, icon, and functionality to match the overall user interface, providing a cohesive and native experience.

Focus on App Quality and Performance

Pre-installed apps have the advantage of being readily available to users, but they also face higher expectations. Ensure that your app is well-designed, user-friendly, and performs flawlessly to create a positive impression from the start. This will encourage users to continue engaging with your app and recommend it to others.

Personalize Onboarding and Engagement

Leverage the user data available through OEM partnerships to personalize the onboarding process and subsequent engagement. Tailor your messaging, offers, and recommendations based on user demographics, preferences, and behavior patterns. This personalized approach will enhance user satisfaction and increase the chances of long-term app retention.

Monitor and Optimize Performance

Continuously track and analyze app performance metrics, such as installation rates, user engagement, and retention. Identify areas for improvement and optimize your app marketing strategies accordingly. Regularly communicate with your OEM partners to stay updated on user feedback and device trends, allowing you to refine your approach over time. Leveraging OEM inventory presents a significant opportunity for app developers and marketers in the MENA region to enhance app discovery, user acquisition, and engagement. By partnering with device manufacturers and having your app pre-installed on devices, you can gain instant visibility, increase brand awareness, and provide a seamless user experience. Learning from successful use cases and implementing best practices will enable you to leverage OEM inventory effectively, reaching your target audience right from the start and gaining a competitive advantage in the dynamic world of app marketing

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